Our EBFF President at the Cochabamba Games

For the first time, our beloved sport, Bodybuilding and Fitness, has been the protagonist with its first participation at the South-American Games. A big step for our sport.

This is a very important date organized by the ODESUR (SouthAmerican Sports Organization), with a lot of participants.

The 2018 South-American Games have had for the first time the presence of Bodybuilding and Fitness, with a lot of success in participation, quality and attention from the audience.

Bodybuilding and Fitness has a lot of popularity in América, with a lot of fitness lovers.

Our President Rafael Santonja, gave the Gold Medal to a sport authority: ODESUR President, Mr. Camilo Pérez.

Picture: ODESUR President, Mr. Camilo Pérez; receiving the IFBB Gold Medal from Dr. Rafael Santonja and Mr. Juan Paredes.

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