Welcome to the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation


Message From The President

Dear Bodybuilding and Fitness enthusiasts:

On behalf of the European Federation of Bodybuilding Fitness, I am pleased to welcome you to our official website.

Created in 2002 EBFF provides to millions of bodybuilders fitness athletes, officials, supporters and fans, from all over Europe, accurate information on events, news, rules, history and, in general, all the activities carried on by EBFF and the affiliated national federations; that build together in a daily basis, the reality of our sport with hundreds of events organized each year, under EBFF logo, in the European continent.

The EBFF affiliates National Federations from 50 countries and is a member of the IFBB, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, which is recognized by the Global Assembly of International Sports Federations – GAISF, the International World Games Association (IWGA); the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) being as well in full compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

EBFF plays an active relationship with scientific and sport international organizations; being conscience of the benefits that a bodybuilding lifestyle can play in the populations health; and the specific applications as ideal anti-aging life style.

Enjoy it.

Your friend in sport,

Rafael Santonja

IFBB President

EBFF Location

C/ Dublín, nº 39 I | 28232 | Europolis | Las Rozas | Madrid, Spain

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